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Follow Your Dreams.


I was invited to see the sneak preview of the new film "The Indian American".  I enjoyed it very much.  I did not know what to expect but after I saw the movie one word came out of my mouth was WOW.  The movie was based on true stories and I can see how real the film was.  I don't cry at movie but I couldn't help it but cry at least three times thought out the movie.  I went home and told my family about the film.  I told my friends to go see it when it comes out.  I hope to see more great films like this in the future.  The Indian American Movie has made me look at my own life and I question if I am following my heart.  Two Thumbs Up for making a great film  –Kajol Patel

I would rate this movie from 1 to 10, I would give it 10.  The reason, after I saw the movie I realized that we should all follow our dreams. I also cried during the film because I can relate the story to my own personal life.  The Indian American is a great film because it makes you think about your own life and to focus on things that matter the most.  I love it. –Jason Benner

What a movie.  So real.  I can feel the emotions from every character in the film.  Great acting and a powerful story.  I enjoy moives that are based on real life stories and characters.  It's worth seeing the film.  I got emotional at the end of the film.  I give it a five star rating.  Must watch film for the whole family.  We need more film like this that has a great story, good meaning and purpose.–Rajesh Dhaven